The colourful autumn and the silent winterwonderland!

The autumn in this area is an explosion of colours and of course a season for hiking and hunting. We can make arrangements for those who want to hunt in season. Fishing in rivers for salmon finishes on August 31st, but you can still fish for trouts in the mountain lakes. Picking wild berries and mushrooms is a common thing to do for the people who live in this area. Let us show you where!

Skåri is open all year, but the winter season can also be a challenge when it comes to temperatures and access. We have 4WD's, snowmobile and ATV's that gives us the possibility for transport of guests and luggage. The average temperature in this area is between 0 and -5 but in periods we have -10 to -20 degrees. 

Our main season is May - October. We accommodate guests upon request autumn, winter and spring.

Wonderful outdoor activities close to the farm, such as crosscountry skiing in Fortun and Turtagrø within a 15-20 min drive, off piste and alpine resorts in Hafslo and Sogndal (40-70 min drive). Wonderful opportunities for randonée in Hurrungane and Jotunheimen (30 min). 

After an exciting day outdoor, it feels good to return to the farm and enjoy a warm outdoor hot tub or a cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.

Go Viking in the fjords!