Skåri - perfectly placed among the best of opportunities!

Skåri is placed in the middle of three national parks; Jotunheimen, Breheimen and Jostedalen. The beautiful mountain area Hurrungane is also very close. A hiking paradise just minutes away.

We have guides who will take you wherever you want to go or we can lead you on the way if you wish to hike on your own. There are numerous attractions and sights in the area, find some of them listed under. Remember that we know where to find the hidden treasures, the spectacular places rarely found by tourists!

Where to go, what to do?

    • Mørkridsdalen and Nørdstedalen, Breheimen national park. A spectacular cultural landscape only 10 min from the farm lodge.
    • Hike to the spring farm Rebnisli, the summer farm Skåristølen or to the mountain farm Myrasete. All three farms belonging to the main farm.
    • Mountain hike to Tussen 1232 m.o.h. and see the amazing view of the mountain range and the fjord
    • Hiking on the Jostedal glacier (Nigard glacier or Tunsbergdals glacier) Europe's largest mainland glacier 478 km2
    • Galdehøgpiggen, the highest mountain in Norway, 2469 masl
    • Galdehøgpiggen Climbing park has fun and spectacular climbing routes for the whole family
    • Urnes Stave Church, Norway's oldest from 1130 and listed on the UNESCO "World heritage list"
    • Fanaråken 2068 moh with amazing view towards the peaks in Jotunheimen
    • A calm fjord paddel or an exciting rib-tour on the Lustrafjord, a branch of the world's longest fjord, the Sognefjord 208 km
    • Tours to Feigum waterfall (218 m drop), Åsa waterfall (130 m) or Drivande waterfall (50m)
    • By car on the Tinde mountain road and a short and easy panoramic tour to Berdal mountain 1340 masl
    • Amazing Turtagrø with Store Skagastølstind 2405 masl and the many peaks in the Hurrungane mountain chain.
    • Sognefjellet Summerskiing Center, Norway's highest mountain pass 1434 masl
    • Glacier canyoning, blue ice tours and river rafting in Jostedal
    • Fjord sightseeing on a yacht on request
    • Fishing and hunting in season


Tussen is a mountain at an altitude of 1232 meters above sea level and a 4 hour hike from the farm. We challenge you to spend one of the days to do this spectacular peak tour. Hiking, lunch on the top, see the breathtaking view of all directions; Hurrungane, Jotunheimen, Mørkridsdalen, Fortunsdalen and the Sognefjord. A 10 hours with our local guide, lunch and fishing equipement included.

Photos by Arne Johan Fortun

The amazing Sognefjell mountain, Europe's highest mountain pass (1434 masl) and Jotunheimen national park only 30 min away. Several marked hiking trails with different levels.

Fanaråken (2068 masl) is a popular goal for a daytrip and from the peak you can enjoy a spectacular view over Jotunheimen and Hurrungane. Starting point a 20 min drive from Skjolden. Galdehøgpiggen is the highest mountain in Norway (2469 masl) and many hundreds of hikers go up there every day. Approx 1 hour by car to the starting point.

Nigards glacier, the famous arm of Europe's largest mainland glacier, the Jostedal glacier (478 km2). Only a little more than an hour by car and you can prepare for a blue ice hike that takes you on to the glacier as well as inside the amazing blue ice caves. Tours daily all summer.

The unique Mørkrid valley with its stunning landscape, rich fauna and flora is only a 10 min drive away. This is the gateway to the Breheimen National Park, a spectacular hiking area in well-preseved nature. A large area with many summerfarms, grassing farm animals and a living cultural landscape. Many lakes and mountain areas provide good fishing- and hunting possibilities in season. Hiking trails suitable for all ages.