A travel in time

The oldest buildings

Buildings from The Medieval to the 19th century

In 1861 the "Larsastova" house was moved from Berge farm in Fortun to Skåri as a dowry. As you can see from the picture, the house needed an extensive restoration, which was done in 2000. But, this is far from the oldest house on the farm.
Larsastova 2000
Larsastova 2000
Larsastova 2019
Larsastova 2019

The Storage House

The oldest building on the farm

This house was probably used as a place to sleep before it became a storage house for food. It is for sure very old! The office for Cultural Heritage has shown a particular interest in this building and the hope is to verify the age dated back to the 13-14 th century. It is amazing to have such an old building on the farm!

The ancient wall is partly exposed, but most of the walls are protected by the restored wall. The work is done in the traditional way, with wooden nails.

The loft

This building was earlier a smoke house which was rebuilt with a second floor in 1697. This is appearent because of the two different ways of notching. Our guests are welcome to spend the night and experience this very special atmosphere, completely free of the modern life. 

The Smoke House

A smoke house from 1790

Many hundreds of years ago there were practically no forrests in Skåri and due to the lack of wood one had to find other ways of heating the houses. You can clearly see that the ceiling of the smoke house is black from the smoke. The house has a fireplace but no chimney. The smoke in the ceiling heated the house and was regulated by opening a hatch. The warmest place in the house was on top of the fireplace and this is where the oldest and the children slept.

The Smoke House is a house with a soul and the perfect place to serve a light meal or a small consert presenting the local folkmusic.

3 stone buildings

The stone houses on the farm

In most farms at that time, there were only one stone house. In Skåri there are three. The reason might be the lack of wooden material at that time. There were almost no trees in Skåri but a lot of stones. Below the farm there is a quarry, appearently also used by the people down in the village of Skjolden.

This stone barn from the early 1600 is the largest one in the area of Sogn and among the largest in the country. 70% of it had to be taken down, the wood replaced and then rebuilt again. Inside the building there is a water source, one of many on the farm. Today we use it for our goats.

The Smithy is still standing but needs a little more care to shine again.

The Stone house from the 1600 has been restored back to the way it was. This might be a location for meetings or parties in the future.