The rooms

Fall asleep amidst the tranquillity of a place lost in time and awake to another day of adventure. Listen to the sound of silence!

The bedrooms are furnished with antique pieces mostly within the peasant style from the periods around and after the Middle Age. At that time the furnitures were often heavy and made of oak with ornaments like snakes and dragons. When it comes to comfort, we leave the Middle Age and offer todays possibilities. 

We offer our guests 9 rooms in 4 different buildings.

On the first floor in the Tower House we have 2 double rooms and 3 singles rooms. One of them with a balcony facing mountains and waterfalls. On the ground floor there is a toilet and a shower, living room, dining area and a modern kitchen. 

Next to the barn, in which we store the hay in summertime, we have a double room with an amazing fairytale bed. The Barn is a bit more sheltered than the rest of the buildings and perfect for newly-wed. Also with a great fjord view from the private balcony.

The Bed Loft has 2 double rooms and the Servant House has one double room. The entrance is only 3 meters from the entrance to the Bath House, so you have practically a room with bathroom.

We have modern and comfortable quality mattresses, quilts and bedspreads. Our goal is that your stay should be enjoyable both day and night! 

Take a look at your private bath house: