Meet some of the staff

Manager: Sigfrid Beathe Myklebust

Sigfrid moved to Skåri with her son Daniel in 2011. She is educated within medical studies of neurotraining and kinesiology and has worked within this field for many years. 

Her big passion is animals, horses in particular. She is educated as a riding instructor in Norway and in Italy. She has also competed in the sport on a national level in Norway. As an instructor she was a part of the horse community in the eastern part of Norway and this is still a dear hobby for her. 

 As the manager she has developed the farm to be a unique combination of exclusive accommodation, food and experiences, as well as a base for the amazing activities and sights in the area. She has a glowing commitment for the farm and its exciting history, which reveals itself in her guided tour of the farm. 

She is your hostess, but you can also see her on the tractor, riding, as a guide, in the kichen garden or in the kitchen preparing your dinner. The traditional food is always homemade with organic ingredients produced on the farm.

Owner: Geirr Norman Vetti

The carpenter with a Masters degree and the so-called "House-doctor" Geirr Vetti is known for his many works in projects restoring old houses and farms all over the western part of Norway. He bought the farm and moved to Skåri in Mørkridsdalen in May 2000. He then started his biggest project ever; restoring the buildings and the cultural landscape on the Skåri farm. For many years he dreamed of having an old farm with old species of norwegian farm animals, working the farm and the cultural landscape as the people in this western part of Norway have done for centuries. This was the dream he wanted to combine with taking in guests from all over the world.

Geirr Vetti runs today his company, "Stibyggjaren", which together with Sherpas from Nepal builds mountain paths all over the country. He also restores old houses, is an achitect, consultant and he gives lectures about his experiences. The work leads to much travelling in Norway and Sweden. He has also taken part in several programs on national tv.

During these years he has gotten recognised for his work and has received the following prizes:

Arild Håland Restoration Prize 1995

Luster Municipality Kulture Prize 2012

Riksantikvaren Culture Memorial Prize 2012

Claus Helbergs Memorial Prize 2014

Beautiful Roads Prize 2014

Office, marketing & booking: Turid Øiene

Turid keeps herself busy in the henhouse, our office on the farm, in which she works with tasks such as routines, sales, marketing and booking. If you have questions or need help with you booking, Turid is ready to assist you anytime. Her background within tourism and culture is quite useful when visions and ideas are to be planned and executed. Through many years of work in different parts of the tourism industry, she has a lot of knowlege about the attractions and sights within the surrounding area. 

She is very outgoing as a person and would love to get to know our guests and help in any way. You can talk to her in norwegian, english, german or french.

You can run into her working around on the farm, in the farm house with the animals or serving your meals. She is also one of our guides to the different attractions in the area.

Seasonal help: Sonam Doka Sherpa

Sonam Doka comes from Nepal and lives in Khumjung, a small village at an altitude of 3790 meters. She has attended high school and studied managment. She has also several years of working experience in a guest house in the mountains nearby Mount Everest. Since several among her family and friends are working for "Stibyggjaren", it was a natural choice for Sonam Doka to come to Skåri as well.

She works in the kitchengarden and inside and outside the houses around the farm with all kind of different types of tasks like cleaning and painting. When we have guests she is cleaning the rooms and serving at the tables. 

The last two years she has been busy clearing trees and bushes up at our spring farm, Rebnisli. The fine culture landscape must not be hidden.