The first one in 2007 - 28 minutes

Sherpas from Nepal
Sherpas from Nepal

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Skåri Hill Farm and Mr. Geirr Vetti's company, "Stibyggjaren A/S" has been on national TV many times. Here are a few of the recordings:

The second one in 2014 - 12 minutes. 

Choose no. 2 "Nytt liv på gammalt tun"

NRK Lindmo is a talk show and Skåri's owner Geirr Vetti and one of his workers Nima Sherpa were on national TV again in 2014. 

Choose programe 5 - 14 minutes.

"Glimt av Norge" is a documentary from things happening all over Norway. The Sherpa people's work has been appreciated by many and this is a film showing some of their work and their base, Skåri Hill Farm.

2010 - Fast forward to 6.31.