Norwegian traditional food.

Your stay at the farm and all the meals will be planned with your familiy or group. We make breakfast, lunch or lunch-pack to go, a 3 course dinner or maybe a 5 course celebration dinner. The days are probably filled with exciting tours and activities, so it is quite important to have a good plan for everybody. 

Skåri is a certified organic farm which offers homemade local food and drink. Our menu is based upon norwegian homemade, traditional food from beef, sheep, goat and fish such as salmon or mountain trout. 

The purpose of every meal is to enjoy the different taste and the stories behind.

Skåri Hill Farm is fully licensed and has a small menu with our most recommended drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Our selection of organic wine is both very tasty and healthy. Wine grapes are normally exposed to quite a lot of pesticides, this you will avoid by choosing an organically produced wine.

Commodities from the farm

Tender meat produced on the farm itself.

Easy to decorate the food with eatable small treasures from the kitchen garden.

Traditional food with exciting taste.