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important information. 

General terms and conditions for booking with Skåri Farm.

When is a booking agreement binding?
Once you have received confirmation of your booking/payment, this represents our mutually binding agreement. You are responsible for notifying us of any errors in your booking/confirmation within seven days.


30 days in advance upon invoice unless other arrangements has been made (in writing)

Check in/check out
Arrival between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. or by request.
Departure at 12:00 a.m.

You will be financially liable for any damages to the farm or its interior that result from carelessness/irresponsible behaviour during your stay in Skåri farm.

Please note

Smoking is prohibited inside the buildings on the farm. The using of open fire or candle lights are prohibited unless agreed upon with the staff.

If you would like to bring your pet, you must make mention of this in your booking.

You can cancel your booking by sending an email to: or

NB! Cancellations will not be valid until you have received a confirmation from us of your cancellation. Skåri is a unique location offered to only one family/group at the time and not a choice of booking you normally take within short time. This means that a cancellation most likely will mean no possibility for us to fill up the vacancy.

  • Changes made to your arrival/departure dates will be considered cancellations.
  • Cancellations made 30 days prior to your arrival are free of charge.
    29 -11 days before arrival, must pay 50% of confirmed price.
  • 10-2 days before arrival, must pay 75% of confirmed price.
  • 1 day before arrival, must pay 100% of confirmed price.

In case of a dispute between Skåri Hill Farm and the customer, this must be taken care of in Norway and in terms of the existing norwegian laws.

Please contact us at the following email address with any questions: 

Find us here!

Skåri is located on a mountainside at an altitude of 225 meters above sea level, a 10 min drive from the nearest village, Skjolden, Luster municipality, Sogn and Fjordane County.


Oslo - Sogndal Airport (Haukåsen); 50 min by air + 1,5 hour drive to Skjolden.

Bergen - Sogndal Airport (Haukåsen); 35 min by air + 1,5 hour drive to Skjolden.



Can land on the farm


To Skjolden from:

- Lom 89 km (approx. 1,5 hour)
- Sogndal 50 km (approx. 1 hour)
- Øvre Årdal 45 km (approx. 1 hour)

Oslo - Skjolden (capprox. 5-7 hours):

- via Valdres - Tyin - Øvre Årdal - Turtagrø 333 km
- via Hemsedalsfjellet - Sogndal 380 km
- via Otta - Sognefjellet 442 km

Bergen - Skjolden (approx. 5 hours):

- via Sogndal 300 km
- via Øvre Årdal - Turtagrø 290 km

Trondheim - Skjolden (approx. 6 hours):

- via Otta - Lom - Sognefjellet 390 km


Daily departures from Oslo and Bergen to Sogndal (approx. 7 hours)


Daily departures from Bergen to Sogndal (approx. 4,5 hours)


We can meet you and bring you directly to Skåri.



61.5169288 - 7.6112963

Skåri Høgdegard, Mørkridsvegen 423, 

N-6876 Skjolden

Sigfrid Myklebust

(+47) 908 61012 office

E-mail adress for information and booking: