The animals!

Skåri farm is a good place to live, both for the two-legged as well as for the four-legged. «Trym» is a horse of the most common norwegian breed «Fjording». He is a good worker on the farm and used for transporting hay and carrying loads. He is very kind and calm and much used for riding. «Prawda» is a thoroughbred mare, elegant and a little bit sophisticated. She came to us in october 2017 and is only used as a riding horse. She has earlier been a race horse on the well-known norwegian race tracks in eastern Norway, and has earned quite a lot of money on those tracks. 

The two cows, «Sølvelin» and «Gullborg» are of the oldest Norwegian breed «Vestlands Fjordfe», a breed of which there are only a few animals left. They are a little smaller than other cows and are especially well adapted to the harsh climate and terrain here in western Norway. The meat tastes especially good and is considered to be more tender than other breeds. Our cows are friendly and social and would like you to brush and pet them. 

During the spring and summer we have approximately 65 sheep and lambs around the farm. The very old breed "Gammelnorsk spelsau» or "Old Norwegian Short-tailed sheep" has a thick, long and gorgious wool and some impressive horns. The big ram «Hulken», is the father of many of these sheep. In spite of his fierce looks, he is the most gentle and loving animal. Our 8 goats stay up in the hills around the farm, leaded by lovely «Tessali». They come from the African breed «Boer», and are muscular and agile.

On the farm we have several cats. «Lillebatman» , «Svartebart» and «Gråpusen» are adults, but we occasionally have kittens as well. Our dog, «Zenta» is a Boerboel. She is a big girl but gentle and kind. «Keso» is a labrador and he is very energetic but friendly.

All the animals, except for the dogs and the cats, are outside the fence surrounding the farm. So it is your choice if you would like to keep a distance or get to know them close-up.