Your private bath house

A new building in an old yard.

In the the Middle Ages there were of course not bedrooms with private bathrooms. This is also the fact in Skåri. But, we have our own Bath House in the middle of the farm yard, ready to offer you the kind of "luxury" we expect to find in any accommodation resort.. We have 4 toilets, 5 shower rooms, jacuzzi and a sauna at your disposal only. On the terrace we have our outdoor bath tub with a fjord view.

Towels, soap, toiletries, bathrobes and slippers for everbody. 

The Bath House is not to be shared with others!

Prefer to have a bathroom close?

Even if it is only dark for a couple of hours in summertime up here north, you might not fancy the thought of having to leave your house to go to the toilet at night. No worries, choose the Tower House to sleep in and you have a toilet inside the house on the ground floor. 

5 bedrooms upstairs, suitable for a family who can share toilet/shower in the house at night and use the Bath House with more facilities at daytime.